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Who We Are

We provide education, intervention, assessment, treatment support, monitoring, and/or relapse prevention to professionals whose licensing and/or ability to practice is at stake. Examples of conditions which may limit or impair a professional’s ability to practice may include the following: physical health conditions and/or injury, mental health conditions, substance use disorders, neurocognitive disorders, and/or processes related to aging.

Green Agate


"Dr. Faria is amazing and by far one of the best psychiatrists I have worked with in 20+ years. I feel that she truly is invested in me as a patient and my health. She listens and gives sound guidance to med management as well as very specific therapeutic inputs."

"'Dr. Faria is one of the most kind and understanding doctors I've ever known. I always feel like she truly cares about me personally."

"Dr. Faria is amazing! She is very thorough and compassionate. She takes a lot of time and knows her patients on a very personal level ! She develops a trusting relationship with her patients. She makes me feel extremely comfortable to open up and be honest with her!"